The Gibson Chet Atkins SST is a solid body acoustic-electric guitar that combines Gibson's steel-string acoustic and electric guitar technology. Unlike most acoustic-electrics, the SST has no resonating chamber or soundhole. The acoustic sound comes from a bridge mounted transducer manufactured by L.R. Baggs for Gibson with a proprietary active pre-amp.

This hybrid concept introduced by Gibson in the early 90's was truly ahead of it's time and inspired other guitar companies to produce a version of the SST in an attempt to replicate the principle idea. Guitarists and touring musicians were instantly attracted to the SST for it's unique ability to cut through a mix and perform in a live setting at very high levels with zero feedback.

Unfortunately, the Chet Atkins SST is no longer in production and was discontinued by Gibson back in 2006. The guitar had a very short manufacturing life of around a dozen years which impacted the number of  SST's produced in comparison to some of Gibson's other guitar models of the time. Move ahead 30 years, the SST is now parked at the top of the list for guitar collectors and enthusiasts world-wide. This new increase in demand and obvious lack of guitars now currently available has made the ability to locate replacement parts for the SST extremely difficult. 


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